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How to Make Coconut Curry Sauce in 5 Minutes

How to Make Coconut Curry Sauce in 5 Minutes


You do no longer need a complicated blender for this recipe at all. I've made this sauce in my Vitamix before, but I've also made it lots of occasions in my 10-year-old Magic Bullet to make certain it really works on even a low-end blender.
Like with something you're blending, it's going to simply come collectively extra quick in a excessive velocity blender. With a normal blender, simply maintain blending, stopping occasionally to present the motor a rest, till you've got a nice, soft mix.
I like using Massaman or red curry paste best to make my Coconut Curry Sauce, but you may use any curry paste which you simply like. That's the magnificence of this recipe - it is tremendous versatile!


Finding vegan curry paste is no longer too difficult, but you do must learn the ingredients. These are a few of the animal merchandise to seem to be out for in curry pastes:
  • fish sauce
  • shrimp paste
  • dairy ingredients
A lot of the extra frequent brands, like Thai Kitchen, are unfastened of animal products. Just provide the meals a once-over to be sure.


Curry pastes can differ rather a lot in spiciness, so bounce with 1 tablespoon, then provide the sauce a taste. Then, upload more, to style -- 1 teaspoon at a time -- from there.
You too can absolutely restore it within the event you cease up with a sauce that is too hot. Just upload extra coconut milk till you attain your wanted warmth level. Making your proper Coconut Curry Sauce is all about that balance, and as soon as you discover it, you're golden.
What's tremendous huge about this recipe is which you simply do no longer should prepare dinner it. Just mix and pour.
I wasn't kidding about it basically taking five minutes!
Of course, you may warm this sauce up within the microwave or at the stovetop, within the event you desire a warm sauce, but it is no longer necessary. Just make certain you warm over low warmth (see beneath about curdling).

easy vegan curry bowl topped with curry sauce


My household has what you may name "divergent tastes" whilst it involves food. My kid likes slight dishes, my husband does no longer like issues too saucy, and I desire bold, spicy flavors and lots of sauce.
This coconut curry sauce is a way to that problem. I could make a easy bowl for supper. Dave can positioned slightly soy sauce on his, and I can douse mine in curry.
Everybody wins!
The dish within the picture above is a tremendous easy weeknight meal: brown rice, Ginger-Sesame Kale, and air fryer tofu topped with avocado, inexperienced onions, cashews, and lots of Coconut Curry Sauce.
Steamed rice or quinoa, your favourite veggies, and tofu or tempeh are a good primary automobile for this sauce. You too can apply it to stir fries, veggies roasts, and even positioned a few of this sauce into pureed dips so as to feature slightly little bit of punch.
Try including it to hummus in region of the oil to present your subsequent batch of hummus a curried edge.
How to Make Coconut Curry Sauce in 5 Minutes
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